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Sewing manufactory services

Here we cut different types of fabrics laid in flooring up to 26 cm high.
The cutting zone is one of the most important production areas that determine the quality of future products.
Here the materials are cut into parts and the cut is completed. We apply a two-stage quality control system. The first step is to check the fabric during laying. The second stage is a check during the acquisition of the cut. Modern equipment allows you to work quickly and efficiently!
Tailoring models of any level of complexity for your tasks
Our team are masters of their craft, so your products are in safe hands.
Each unit goes through three stages of quality control: 1 - during the tailoring of products, 2 - during the WTO process, 3 - during the packaging of your products.
We especially love to sew clothes under your brand from knitted fabrics, kimonos, dresses and suits in casual and sport chic style.
Also in the tailoring area, we hold the bar so that you get the highest quality products. Here's what we use every day:
We give recognition to products by printing or textured embroidery on them
Warehouse services
We understand how important service is, so we offer our customers an integrated approach
We want our company to fully cover all your needs related to clothing production. Therefore, we have an experimental workshop that provides the following services:
Additional services
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